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Car Accessories & Safety Equipment

Are you looking into adding safety features to your vehicle or simply upgrading to a larger touch screen? We specialize in the installation of backup sensors, reverse cameras, and sound systems into your car or truck. In addition to this we offer head units with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay®, or Android Auto® to both new and used vehicles.


Dash Cameras

Add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle with a simple dash camera installation. The units we install are small and low profile so they won’t get in the way when you drive. They also have a convenient app that lets you access footage without transferring it to a computer.

Our installations are professionally wired into your vehicle so there’s not extra wires, etc, hanging around when you drive.

– Available to be installed on most cars or trucks.

– Both front and rear options available

– Thinkware F200 Pro unit includes 1080p footage in Full HD

– Install time 2-3 hours.

-1 year warranty 

Remote Start Installations

You know what’s almost better than heated seats? A remote start so you can pre-warm your vehicle… no more chilly morning drives! If you’ve got a newer vehicle (2015+) there’s a good chance we can install a remote start for you if you don’t already have one.

A remote start installation takes us roughly half a day. We have a variety of options available including one and two way options, and integration with your factory key fob or new aftermarket fobs 

– Install time 3-4 hours.


Other Installations

Infotainment Upgrades

  • For the best experience, quality and features we choose to work only with the latest technology available.
  • Alpine ILX-F259 9″ Halo9 Mech-less Audio/Video Receiver with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto.

Backup Sensors

  • Available to be installed on most cars or trucks and can be mounted on either front, rear, or both.
  • We can paint these to match your body-color.
  • Sound alerts when close to an object.
  • Installation time is only 3-4 hours.

Reverse Camera

  • Available to be installed on most cars or trucks mounted on either front or rear, also left or right sides for blind spots.
  • Installation time is 2 to 8 hours.

Power Lift Gate

  • Available to be installed on most cars or trucks without a power lift gate.
  • Integrates with your OEM Key FOB
  • Installation time is 3-4 hours.

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Heated Seats Installation Kits

Are you a professional installer looking for good-quality heated seat installation kits? So were we! When we did find an aftermarket kit that worked we wanted something better.

While installing these heated seats almost every day for over 3 years we worked with our supplier to improve their product with both longevity and ease of installation in mind. These WarmTech heated seat kits are the result.

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