Are you looking into adding safety features to your vehicle or simply upgrading to a larger touch screen? We can install backup senors, reverse cameras, and sound systems into your car or truck. We even offer head-units with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay®, or Android Auto® to both new and used vehicles.


Infotainment Upgrades
  • Can be installed on most cars or trucks and can be mounted on either front, rear or both.
  • Has an option to be painted to match the body color
  • Sound alerts when close to an object
  • Install time is only 3-4 hours
Backup Sensors
  • For best experience, quality and features we choose to
    work only with latest technology available.
  • Alpine ILX-F259 9″ Halo9 Mech-less Audio/Video Receiver with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™
  • Can be installed on most cars or trucks
  • Comes with LED rectangular switch
  • Can be mounted anywhere on a dash
  • Supports music streaming
  • Install time 2-3 hours
Reverse Camera
  • Can be installed on most cars or trucks mounted on either front or rear, also left or right sides for blind spots.
  • Install time – 2 to 8 hours 
Remote Start

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