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Aftermarket Leather Seats

Affordable Luxury

Upgrade from a cloth interior or old worn leather to new leather seats! These are not removable seat covers, instead we completely replace your current upholstery with your choice of leather. 

We offer single day installation!

In House

Factory Design and Colors

Classic and budget friendly, factory match leather looks amazing and feels great. This option does come in limited colour and design options. We recommend choosing this option if you’re looking for a simple, practical, and classic interior with a quick installation turnaround.

Our factory match leather interiors look and feel just like (if not better than) factory OEM leather. If you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle with a leather interior, but don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on the highest trim level, aftermarket leather might be just what you need!

*We keep the most popular vehicle leather interiors in stock and can book them within two business days for installation

Our Most Common Stock Installations

Custom Leather Installation

Unique to you and your vehicle, custom leather could be anything from a colour that matches your exterior, to a decked out interior complete with fancy stitching, embroidered logos, and multiple colours. We offer a general $250 customization upgrade that allows you to make several changes to your design, from perforation, leather colors, and stitching colors. In addition to this, you can also customize by adding piping, diamond stitch, and special accent materials like carbon fiber to your design for additional charges.

Want custom but you’re not sure what to get? Check out our installation gallery >>

Choosing Your Custom Design

When you’re choosing your leather seat design there are a few factors we recommend people take into account:

  1. Current Upholstery: Are the door panels and center console covered in leather or vinyl? What colors are the material and stitching? Matching these can help improve the overall cohesiveness of your interior while also making it look factory. For example, let’s say your vehicle has black vinyl with orange stitching across the dashboard, on the door panels, and also the shifter boot. For this, we would recommend matching some aspects of those elements in your seat design.
  2. Heated / Heated & Cooled Seats: Because leather and the foam that comes with it is thicker than cloth it affects the performance of your heated seats. For that reason, if you have or are interested in adding heated seats we recommend perforated leather inserts to help the heat move more quickly and more evenly. If you have or are interested in heated and cooled seats (also known as ventilated seats) not only do they need perforated inserts, but they also need reticulated foam.
  3. Anticipated Wear & Tear: We always ask what type of use a vehicle sees when putting together a leather design. This helps us point customers towards the right type and thickness of leather for their purposes. Work trucks usually require a thicker, more durable leather, whereas luxury vehicles are better suited to something soft.
  4. Resale Value: Although new leather already gives a nice increase to the resale value of vehicles we also encourage people to make design choices that will look amazing not only for themselves but the next owner as well. The key factor here is matching the current upholstery, but a close second is matching the exterior colors. For example, many vehicles come in black or grey, with a pop of bright color around the logos. These can be a great candidate for a matching stitch color.

Popular Custom Options:


Diamond Stitch*

Contrast Stitch

Contrast Colours


*Costs extra above our custom order upgrade charge

If you’re interested in seats with multiple leather colors there are a few standard guidelines for doing so. The examples below demonstrate the standard options for a 2-tone design with grey being your main trim color and yellow as the placement options for an accent color. The only way to have a 3-tone design is when you have one of the four 2-tone options and then you add a third color in the ‘wings’. My personal favorite is a 2-tone face with wings the same color as the trim which creates nice stripes down the sides of the seats. (Seen in the far right example)

Design Option Basics

In House

If we are unable to source upholstery from one of our suppliers we can do your interior from scratch, in-house. This usually occurs when the vehicle is commonly outfitted with leather already or when it’s older than 1999. Though more costly, this option allows you to have complete creative control over the design and materials used.

We highly recommend stopping by one of our locations and talking to our team members if this sounds like what you need.

Clearance Leather Installations

We often have extra leather kits on the shelf and to make some room we’re offering to install them at a discount. Check out our clearance kit list to see what we have available:

Request A Quote For Leather

Ready to get serious about a cloth-to-leather conversion? By telling us all the relevant information about your vehicle we can get an accurate quote and timeline to you ASAP!

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