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Published By Emma V. | October 2022

Custom Motorbike Seat Backrest - Re-Upholstery

Black Nappa Leather With Double Diamond Stitching In Light Grey

Installing leather upholstery kits isn’t the only thing we do! We have some very talented leather technicians on staff who are experts when it comes to custom re-upholstery, repairs, and more. They’re able to skillfully create their own sewing patterns and create new designs, or replicate classic ones when re-upholstering anything automotive.

Bike Seat Before

For this custom re-upholstery job our customer brought in an aftermarket backrest, he purchased for his motorbike. The original upholstery on the detachable backrest was an inexpensive vinyl that didn’t match the design of the motorbike’s seat. The stitching color was black, which is a different color from his bike seat, and the diamond pattern was far too small.

We worked with our customer to create a design that matched the other seats on his bike, and also one that looked great on the seat. We also made some other adjustments including removing the rear pocket which he found unnecessary and moving the placement of a few seams.

And this was the result! We matched the Nappa-grained leather and light grey thread color as well as the double diamond stitched pattern. The only key difference between the new upholstery on this backrest and the original upholstery is the lack of light grey piping which was excluded for design purposes.

Have any questions?

If you’re interested in getting your own custom work done contact us and book your consultation appointment via phone, email, or one of our website contact forms. We’d love to chat and discuss the options available to you. We have thread, leather, and vinyl samples in both our locations to make decision-making as straightforward as possible.

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