2021 Jeep Gladiator Custom
Aftermarket Leather Upgrade

Black with white perforated wings and white stitching

Published By Emma V. | July 2022
Nope, these nice-looking leather seats aren’t seat covers! Instead, we’ve removed the factory cloth from these Jeep Gladiator seats and replaced them with new leather seat skins, the same way they would install them in the factory. This way the new leather upholstery has a perfect fit. These are much better than seat covers because there are no wrinkles and they won’t shift around as removable seat covers would.

The custom design of these leather seats has been chosen by our customer rather than being a premade design out of the box. This way each custom leather upholstery installation we do is unique to the customer and their vehicle. This design features a black leather trim with pearl white perforated wings and white stitching.

We use a variety of heat and steam techniques to help us perfectly shape the leather to the seats, making it fit as close to (or better than!) factory leather as possible. This process takes almost an entire day.

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