Are you looking to enhance your driving experience with advanced safety features or modern entertainment systems? At United Automotive Interiors, we specialize in installing a wide range of car accessories and safety equipment.
Front Dash Camera Installed

Dash Cameras

Add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle with our sleek and discreet dash camera installations. Our units are compact and seamlessly integrated into your vehicle, providing peace of mind without obstructing your view. With convenient app access, reviewing footage is effortless, ensuring you stay informed on the road.
– Compatible with most cars or trucks
– Front and rear camera options available
– Thinkware F200 Pro unit offers 1080p Full HD footage
– Professional installation with no extra wires
– 1-year warranty

Remote Start Installations

Say goodbye to chilly morning drives with our remote start installations. With the ability to pre-warm your vehicle, you’ll enjoy ultimate comfort before hitting the road. Our range of options includes one and two-way systems, seamlessly integrated with your factory key fob or aftermarket fobs.
– Compatible with most vehicles (2015+)
– Installation time: 3-4 hours

iLX-f309 dash system for vehicles

Main Unit Replacement

Experience the pinnacle of entertainment and connectivity with our infotainment upgrades. We exclusively work with the latest technology, offering top-of-the-line products like the Alpine ILX-F259 9″ Halo9 Mech-less Audio/Video Receiver with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto.

Backup Sensors

Navigate with confidence using our backup sensor installations. Available for most cars or trucks, our sensors can be mounted on the front, rear, or both, seamlessly blending with your vehicle’s aesthetics. With sound alerts for proximity to objects, parking has never been easier.
Paint-matching available
Installation time: 3-4 hours

Back sensor

Backup Camera

Eliminate blind spots and enhance safety with our reverse camera installations. Compatible with most vehicles, our cameras can be mounted on the front, rear, or sides for comprehensive coverage.
Installation time: 2-8 hours

Power Lift Gate

Upgrade your vehicle with the convenience of a power lift gate. Integrated with your OEM Key FOB, our installations offer seamless operation for added ease and functionality.
– Compatible with most vehicles without a power lift gate
Transform your driving experience today with United Automotive Interiors. Contact us to learn more and schedule your installation.
Installation time: 3-4 hours


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