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United Automotive provides a wide range of customization for your car.

Factory Match

Classic and budget-friendly, factory match leather looks amazing and feels great

Custom Design

Custom leather interiors feature exquisite stitching, personalized logos, and patterns.

In-House Design

We can do your interior from scratch, in-house with your complete creative control.

Your Ride, Your Style!

Customize Every Detail of Your Car Interior, From Colours to Stitching, With Premium Quality Guaranteed!

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Hear from our satisfied customers who have experienced the quality and value of our products and services.

Highly recommended! They did a great job with my 2014 Toyota 4Runner!
I wanted to wait quite a bit before my review to ensure the quality of the work. I can say nearly a year out that the quality is fantastic, and the leather interior looks amazing.
If you’re looking for a new interior, use these guys!

Bought a 2018 Kia Stinger GT Limited… wanted the Snow White Pearl with the Burgundy interior but they couldn’t get me one… did custom Cobalt Blue mixed with the original black Nappa leather and it turned out beautifully! These guys are AMAZING and Roman Kostyuk was such a pleasure to deal with! He was patient with me as I asked so many questions and the work turned out great!

Annalisa Jose
RAM 1500

Why Choose Factory Match?

Classic and budget-friendly

We recommend choosing this option if you’re looking for a simple, practical, and classic interior with a quick installation turnaround.

Our Factory Match Leather

Our leather looks and feels just like (if not better than) factory OEM leather.
If you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle with a leather interior but don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on the highest trim level, aftermarket leather might be just what you need!

Our Factory Works

Customizing Your Leather Interior

Whether matching your car’s exterior or adding fancy stitching and embroidered logos, our $250 customization upgrade lets you personalize every detail. From leather colours to stitching options, the possibilities are endless. Your dream interior is just three steps away!

Pick your Perfect Colour

Find the ideal colour to match your vehicle’s exterior or reflect your unique style. Visit our store to explore our colour palette, feel the textures, and receive expert guidance in selecting the perfect option.

Choosing your pattern

Select your preferred pattern for your car: simple, duotone, or tritone. If you’re considering seats with multiple leather colours, there are standard guidelines to follow. For example, a 2-tone design typically features grey as the primary trim colour and yellow as the accent colour. To achieve a 3-tone design, you can start with one of the four 2-tone options and then add a third colour in the ‘wings.

Select your stylish stitching.

Customize your interior further by choosing from a variety of stitching options, adding a touch of sophistication to your seats. We can provide embroidery, Diamond Stitching, Contrast Stitching and Piping.

Opt for heated or cool/heated seats

Upgrade with heated or cool/heated seats for year-round comfort on your journeys.

Confirm Your Order With Our Experts

Then, sit back and relax as we transform your vehicle’s look in just one day.

Our Custom Works

Factors to Consider for Your Custom Leather Interior

Ready to elevate your ride to the next level?
Dive deeper into the world of custom leather interiors and discover the key factors to consider for your vehicle transformation. From durability and maintenance to style and functionality, unlock the secrets to creating your dream car interior. Read on to explore more!

Experience Total Design Freedom with our In-House Design

When off-the-shelf options won’t suffice, our in-house design service steps in. Perfect for vehicles with existing leather interiors or models predating 1999, this bespoke approach grants you full creative rein. While it may entail higher costs, the result is a truly personalized masterpiece tailored to your exact specifications. Ready to bring your vision to life? Visit us at one of our locations and let our expert team turn your dream interior into reality.

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