Custom Automotive Bench Seat

New Vynil & Cloth Upholstery

Published By Emma V. | October 2022

Grey automotive vinyl & automotive cloth inserts. Gotta appreciate the attention to detail!

Custom Motorcycle Leather job

For this custom re-upholstery job our customer brought in an aftermarket backrest, he purchased for his motorbike. The original upholstery on the detachable backrest was an inexpensive vinyl that didn’t match the design of the motorbike’s seat. The stitching color was black, which is a different color from his bike seat, and the diamond pattern was far too small.

Custom Motorcycle Leather job seat 1 back rest
Bike Seat After 02 Matching Upholstery for a client

We worked with our customer to create a design that matched his interior as closely as we could with the materials available through our suppliers. Cloth can be notoriously tricky to match, especially when it comes to older vehicles since not many suppliers still carry classic designs. This is why it can be straightforward to repair old leather and vinyl car seats and have them look nearly perfect, but very difficult to do the same with cloth seats.

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