2019 Tesla Model 3 – Custom Interior

Pearl White with purple inserts and purple stitching + Purple suede on the headliner and door panels

Published By Emma V. | August 2022

This installation was definitely different! When he walked through our door, the owner of this beautiful 2019 Tesla Model 3 had something specific in mind, and we’re so glad we were able to execute that vision for him.

tesla custom upholstery white and blue  colours and materials

For this job, we removed Tesla’s factory vegan leather upholstery and replaced it with new custom-design Katzkin seat skins. This design features a Peral White trim, Purple wings and contrasts stitching and custom hand-sewn door panels.

tesla custom upholstery white and blue details5

The door panel upholstery was completed in two parts: the white leather door handles with purple stitching and the suede door panel inserts. For both of these, we had to create our own patterns since the parts were not supplied. We also converted the headliner from the light grey headliner fabric to purple suede. This job can be pretty invasive because, in addition to replacing the headliner material, it also involves re-coloring all the plastic parts and needing to source replacement visors.

tesla custom upholstery white and blue details 4

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